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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

7:35PM - Updates? Poetry? Random outbursts? Novels?

Yay GSH! So who wants to post and update us on what's going on with you?

I'm a freshman at Tufts University, right outside Boston, majoring (hopefully) in Peace and Justice studies. I have rehearsal in about 20 minutes and I still haven't done ANY work all day, so I'm going to end it there. Just a brief update, I miss you guys, even after a year!

Oh, and if you've written anything particularly good, share it here. I'm sure many of you have...

And don't leave me hanging like the nerd I am with no follow-up posts. Then I'll feel really pathetic.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Under this cut is a bit of information about how a national "ex-gay"
Christian based organization is running a program in Memphis, TN for
gay teens to be sent against their will, by their parents, to become

Queer Action Coalition (QAC) is a Memphis organization dedicated to protesting this facility and alerting the public to their practicesCollapse )

Monday, June 13, 2005


so who's on facebook? do we have a community?

Monday, December 6, 2004

8:21PM - Reunion Photos.

For those of you who couldn't make it on Saturday, here are three photos from the reunion that you can live vicarously through. <3

Cut for photos.Collapse )

Sorry that I don't have more, but I wasn't really concentrating on taking photos!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2004


WHAT: Tennessee Governor's School for the Humanities 2004 Class Reunion

WHERE: Massey Business Center Boardroom; Belmont University; Nashville, Tennessee

WHEN: 2-4 p.m., Saturday, December 4, 2004

COST: $5.00 per person to help cover the cost of refreshments


Please return this form by November 17, 2004, to assure your reservation. Include payment of $5.00. Make checks payable to The University of Tennessee at Martin; we can only accept checks or money orders. We will confirm your reservation by e-mail and send directions and parking information.

Name (print): _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

E-mail address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Return to:

Tennessee Governor's School for the Humanities
216 Humanities Building
The University of Tennessee at Martin
Martin, TN 38238

If you have any questions, please call the Governor's School office at 731-881-7579. We look forward to seeing you on December 4!

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Saturday, October 30, 2004

11:30PM - reunion?

hey guys. it's leigh shapiro! um, i knew there was a reunion planned for sometime in december, and vaughn tells me it's at belmont. anyone know anything else, and how do we tell everyone?

Thursday, August 26, 2004


So I was supposed to read Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf this summer along with three other books, but I didn't. Well I finally got around to it and I finished it tonight. It's an AMAZING book, but if you don't like stream of consciousness you might not like it so much. Anyway, the thing that made me post this in HERE is 'cause at the beginning and end of the book they're talking about Shakespeare and it says...

"Fear no more the heat o' the sun
Nor the furious winter's rages"

So I immediately had to start singing to myself.

Anna and I had one in English class today, too. We were playing Jeopardy for Mrs. Dalloway and our teacher said to hit the desk and raise our hands to buzz in, and I was like, "you mean heil Hitler?" 'cause that's what it looked like and I turned and went, "ANNA! GENOCIDE!"

Monday, August 16, 2004

4:58PM - school =icki

I walked into school today and saw almost no faces I ever want to see again in my life. And I have two more years with these faces. And I think now, well, there are eighty odd faces I want to see.

Perhaps the highlight of my day was finding out my English class takes a trip to Asheville and we're going to Gatlinburg, where Milena lives. And I was like, MILENA! She works in Gatlinburg so I could even visit the store and everything. So that was happy and hopefuly.

I'm surrounded by people who don't care. It's very disappointing. I took four (oh no) AP classes to escape the apathy but they followed me!!! They are everywhere I turn. AH.

I have two classes with about ten people. One is Spanish [half of them are native speakers!] and the other is art [stupid people again.] I guess I can sit by myself and draw though. I'm excited about art. I'm not very good but we get good supplies to paint and draw with.

I'll stop boring everyone. Just wanted to continue the cliche of "I miss you all" going.

Monday, August 2, 2004

8:19PM - Knoxville Reunion on Aug. 2nd

This is the story of a GSH reunion in Knoxville at West Towne Mall, as told by me, Kimberly. No names have been changed, because, we are NOT innocent. All facts are true. Read with caution.

The first person I saw when I got to the Food Court was Beth, followed by Sarah. Then Justin came. Then there was Hallie, Alicia, and Whitney. Thirty minutes late was Andrea. We were all so excited to see each other that we stood around in a circle in the middle of the Food Court just talking for half an hour. Then, Whitney's mom was kind enough to take a photo of us, which I'll link later (when Hallie or Sarah upload them, as I didn't take my camera). We wondered where all the rest of the KnoxVegas people were, so Alicia and Justin called Isaac. He was asleep, and we woke him up. BarelyCoherent!Isaac. Fun times, fun times.

Andrea and I were the only ones who were from KnoxVegas and actually knew the mall, so they let us lead. I think we went to Buckle, first, where I saw this guy I went to high school with. It was so weird, because he was Senior when I was a Freshman, and we were in marching band together. His name is Adam Holland, as best as I can remember. He made a few jokes about Justin being the only guy with a big group of girls, and then I had a discussion with him about Governor's School. They're having a really good sale at Buckle this week, so hopefully I can get Mom to take me there on Saturday.

We wondered around a bit more, I think, and ended up at the Disney Store. This is where we lost ourselves. We played forever with those little things that spin around in circles and light up. I don't really know how to describe them any better than that, because then we found the costumes. Oh, the costumes for children! Minnie Mouse. Mickey Mouse. Peter Pan. Hook. Pooh. Tigger. Piglet. Stitch. We took photos while wearing them. Lots of photos. We probably stretched them out liek woah, but that's all right. I wore Peter Pan's costume. I think we left quickly before the sales people could say anything.

I think we made a stop by PacSun before we decided we were hungy, but we couldn't decide where to eat, so we let the MAGIC COIN decide. Heads, we would go to the Food Court. Tails, we would go to Ruby Tuesday. It was tails, of course, so we went off to the said restaurant, where we had to flip another MAGIC COIN to decide where to sit. We were there a long time. The waiter forgot Alicia's order, so she got her food for free. Lucky. It was good, though, but their Strawberry Lemonade was not half as good as Chili's.

Afterward, I think we called Isaac again, but his phone was busy. I shamelessly drug everyone to Abercrombie&Fitch so that I could see if Lacey was working. She wasn't. When we got back out of the store, there was Isaac! With facial hair! We glomped him muchly.

Then, we had the bright idea to go to Sam Goody. We each looked around for a bit, but grew tired of looking, and were just staning in the corner talking while Beth and Hallie continued to browse. But, this could not be, because we were approached by the manager (dun dun dun!) who told us "If y'all are just going to stand there and talk, we ask that you exit our store immediately and congregate in the hallway." Woah. None of us had EVER been kicked out of a store before! It was so cool!

So, we decided to see if The Village was playing. Alas, it wasn't. So, we walked around some more. I think we went to the pet store next, which was sad, because all the little puppies were in tiny cages. Carly would have been depressed liek woah. I petted the rabbits, and I saw Diana Dunaway and the three kids of hers that I babysit as we left.

Next, we ended up going to B. Dalton Bookseller, where I purchased a copy of SparkNotes for my summer reading headache, As I Lay Dying. Sarah left us then, because she had to get to her flute lesson back in Morristown, and we were sad to see her go. We wondered to the back of the store, however, and looked through the sex books and the baby name books. Half of those books had the meaning of my name wrong. Kimberly means "from the royal meadow," not "chief," dumbass. Geez, some idiots who just think they can write books about names.

Then, we walked by a newstand type place and saw CHOCO TACOS! They were selling them in the icecream freezer and we nearly DIED! We took photos of it and then ran away singing the song, since we hadn't bought it and the store owners looked a bit pissed.

Isaac had to leave us next, and we followed him all the way out to his ride. We even stood on the sidewalk and waved to him as his dad drove their van off. It was kind of endearing, but kind of depressing. I think we walked around a little bit more, and then collapsed on a few benches outside of Proffitt's. Whitney's mom took more pictures. I think there's even one of us sitting there with all of our eyes closed. By this time it was 4pm, and we were tired, j0.

I had to go pick my sister up at 4:30, so I left just a little bit later. I was parked outside of Proffitt's, so I walked away. Five minutes later, as I walked through the store, I heard something behind me, and THERE THEY WERE! They were all following me out to my car so that they could wave "bye!" It was the sweetest thing ever!
I drove off, with the view of them waving at me in my rearview mirror. So, so sweet. Something only GSH-ers would do.

I love my GSH-ers.

That is where our story ends.

- Kimberly

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Saturday, July 31, 2004

2:45PM - Digital Scrapbook

I just watched most of the GSH scrapbook thing. It was so much fun! I've started missing everything more now that I've had some time at home to see all my friends and stuff, so I'm not homesick anymore and I'm ready to go back.

Unfortunatly, my sister's laptop, which I was watching it on, messed up a lot, so I'm giving it a rest and hoping it will start working in an hour or so. Her computer is weird like that.

I got to see Erica last night b/c Junior Miss is in Chattanooga and I went to watch my best friend, Emily. Erica's doing Junior Miss also, so we talked for a little bit after it was over.

I don't have much else to say, so everyone have a fabulous afternoon!

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Friday, July 30, 2004

11:14PM - And I have to wonder why it took us so long to make this.

First off, props to Nancy (petra05) for taking the big first step and making this community. Yay, Nancy!

Second off, has everyone seen Carly's (starsoohpretty) layout? The background features a screencap of "Cell Block Tango" from the talent show, which I thought was a brilliant idea.

Third off, LJ communities are far superior to Yahoo!Groups. Liek woah. I'm online all the time, but I hardly ever look at the Y!Group. But I always check my friends page on LJ. That's for sure. So, yay for the GSH04 community!

Fourth off, well, I don't really have a fouth off, but the number four is pretty cool. 4!

That's about it for now!

Over and out.

- Kimberly

P.S. Carly is dancing in front of the library at UTM in my icon.

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Okay, so here's our community guys! I hope that we can use it to keep up with each other and maybe even to share some of our writing. I know we have the thing on Yahoo, and it's great b/c almost everyone is a part of it, but I personally sometimes have to choose between checking LJ and checking Yahoo, and normally LJ wins. Besides, I think it's neat to have something for just we LJ-ers.

So, this will only work if everyone joins and if everyone posts every once in awhile. You don't have to post every day, or even every week, but I've seen communities flop because no members actually do anything (wow, that sounds forboding).

I'm not sure that I have every GSH person who has an LJ on my friends list, so if you guys want to do some PR on your own LJs, that would be fabulous. Anyway, please please please join, I'll love you forever!

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