Bri (3questions) wrote in gsh_04,

school =icki

I walked into school today and saw almost no faces I ever want to see again in my life. And I have two more years with these faces. And I think now, well, there are eighty odd faces I want to see.

Perhaps the highlight of my day was finding out my English class takes a trip to Asheville and we're going to Gatlinburg, where Milena lives. And I was like, MILENA! She works in Gatlinburg so I could even visit the store and everything. So that was happy and hopefuly.

I'm surrounded by people who don't care. It's very disappointing. I took four (oh no) AP classes to escape the apathy but they followed me!!! They are everywhere I turn. AH.

I have two classes with about ten people. One is Spanish [half of them are native speakers!] and the other is art [stupid people again.] I guess I can sit by myself and draw though. I'm excited about art. I'm not very good but we get good supplies to paint and draw with.

I'll stop boring everyone. Just wanted to continue the cliche of "I miss you all" going.
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